6th January 2021 Daily Current Affairs & Daily GK Update in English

Here we are Providing  Top 10 Current Affairs of 6th January 2021 and Daily News is the most important topic for any competitive exams with Questions & Answers for SSC, Bank & Railway Exams. So Solve daily quizzes that will help you memorize the topics.


Daily Current Affairs 6th January 2021 in English


  1. PM Modi to lay Foundation Stone of AIIMS on 31 December in Rajkot, Gujarat., In this context in which city will he lay the foundation?

(A) Surat

(B) Rajkot

(C) Jamnagar

(D) Vadodara



  1. Recently Modi Cabinet approved export of indigenously-developed Missile System, Which among the following is the missile which got the node –

(A) AGNI-5  Missile

(B) Akash Missile

(C) Prahaar Missile

(D) Nirbhay Missile



  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired 34th PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation) interaction, PRAGATI which is an integrating and interactive platform was launched in which year?

(A) 2014

(B) 2015

(C) 2016

(D) 2017

ANSWERS: – 3(B) 


  1. Recently, The Minister of State for Jal Shakti and Social Justice and Empowerment participated in the Brahmaputra Aamantran Abhiyan. What is Brahmaputra Amantran Abhiyan?

(A) A river cleaning Campaign

(B) A river worship ceremony

(C) A river rafting expedition

(D) A flood control mission

ANSWERS: –  4(C) 


  1. Recently released “In Pursuit of Justice” is an Autobiography of which famous personality among the following?

(A) Arun Jaitley

(B) Rajindar Sachar

(C) Ram Jethmalani

(D) Kailash Satyarthi



  1. A “Monthly Progress Report” recently submitted by Delhi Pollution Control Committee to the Union Ministry of Jal Shakti on cleaning Yamuna.

Select the right statement about Yamuna river –

(A)  It is a major tributary of river Ganges.

(B) It Originates from the Yamunotri glacier near Bandarpoonch peaks in the Mussoorie range of the lower Himalayas in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.

(C) Chambal, Sindh, Ken are its tributaries

(D) All are true

ANSWERS: –  6(D) 


  1. HAL delivers biggest ever cryogenic propellant tank to ISRO

With context of C32-LH2 Tank, which is true one?

(A) It is designed for improving the payload capability of GSLV MK-III launching vehicle of ISRO.

(B) It is a developmental cryogenic propellant tank of aluminium alloy.

(C) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited delivered the biggest cryogenic propellant tank C32-LH2 to ISRO.

(D) All are true

ANSWERS: – 7(D) 


  1. New DNA modification “signature” discovered in zebrafish-

Recently seen in news Zebrafish, which is true one?

(A) Zebra fish is found in tropical and subtropical regions.

(B) It can efficiently regenerate its damaged heart within short time period.

(C) Native to South Asia’s Indo-Gangetic plains, mostly found in the paddy fields and even in stagnant water and streams.

(D) All are true

ANSWERS: –  8(D) 


  1. Oil refineries were in news due to lockdown because of less usage of oil and almost all the refineries were full.

Match the following oil refineries-

LIST 1                                               LIST 2

  1. Nayara                               Gujarat
  2. Guru Gobind Singh          Punjab
  3. Paradip                        Odisha

(A) 1, 2

(B) 1, 2, 3

(C) 1, 3

(D) None of these

ANSWERS: –  9(B) 


  1. These were recently in news because these 3 are the top Hydro power generating dams in India

Match the following hydroelectric power plant with their states

         LIST 1                                               LIST 2

  1. Tehri power plant               Himachal Pradesh
  2. Koyna power plant                 Maharashtra
  3. Srisailam power plant              Andhra Pradesh

(A) 1, 2

(B) 1, 2, 3

(C) 2, 3

(D) None of the above


ANSWERS: – 10(C)



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