1st November 2020 Daily Current Affairs & Daily GK Update in English

Here we are Providing  Top 10 Current Affairs of 1st November 2020 and Daily News are the most important topics for any competitive exams with Questions & Answers for SSC, Bank & Railway Exams. So Solve daily quizzes that will help you memorize the topics.


Daily Current Affairs 1st November 2020 in English


  1. ArchanaSoreng, a climate activist from India has been named by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to his new advisory group comprising young leaders. Where is the headquarters of United Nations?

(A) Washington D.C.

(B) Vienna

(C) Geneva

(D) New York



  1. Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has launched an Interceptor Boat ‘ICGS C-454’ in Surat, Gujarat. Indian Coast Guard (ICG) was founded in which year?

(A) 1978

(B) 1952

(C) 1984

(D) 1966

Ans: 2(A) 


  1. The central government will borrow Rs 1.1 lakh crore under the special window to meet the shortfall of Goods and Services Tax (GST) compensation. The GST Council is chaired by-?

(A) Prime Minister of India

(B) Union Minister of Labour and Employment

(C) Union Finance Minister

(D) Union Minister of Commerce and Industry

Ans: 3(C) 


  1. National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has selected Infosys Finacle to digitally transform its transaction banking business. What is the currency of Bahrain?

(A) Riyal

(B) Dinar


(D) Dirham

Ans: 4(B) 


  1. The Boston Group has signed anMoU with the Andhra Pradesh government to set up an IT company in Visakhapatnam. Where is the legislative capital of Andhra Pradesh?

(A) Visakhapatnam

(B) Hyderabad



Ans: 5(C) 


  1. Ministry of Skill Development has inked anMoU with Ministry of Shipping to promote skill development in port and maritime sector. Consider the following statement about Ministry of Skill Development: –


  1. The Ministry is responsible for co-ordination of all Skill Development efforts across the country.
  2. The Ministry aims to skill on a large scale with speed and high standards in order to achieve its vision of a ‘Skilled India’.
  3. The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is set up on 9th November 2014.
  4. MahendraNath Pandey is the current Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

Which of the following statement(s) are true about Ministry of Skill Development?

(A) Only statements 1 is true

(B) Only statements 1, 3 and 4 are true

(C) Only statements 2 and 4 are true

(D) All of the above statements are true about Ministry of Skill Development

Ans: 6(D) 


  1. Chhattisgarh government has launched a social security scheme “ShaheedMahendra Karma TendupattaSangrahakSamajikSurakshaYojana” for tendu leave collectors in the state recently. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about Chhattisgarh?


  1. Dr Raman Singh is the third and current Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh.
  2. Chhattisgarh is a heavily forested state in northern India.
  3. AnusuiyaUikey is the present governor of Chhattisgarh.
  4. Indravati National Park is a national park located in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh.

(A) Only statements 3 and 4 are true

(B) Only statements 1 and 2 are true

(C) Only statements 2, 3 and 4 are true

(D) All of the above statements are true about Chhattisgarh

Ans: 7(A)


  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a massive employment -cum- rural public works Campaign named ‘GaribKalyanRojgarAbhiyaan’. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about ‘GaribKalyanRojgarAbhiyaan’?


  1. It provides livelihood opportunities in areas/villages witnessing large number of returnee migrant workers affected by the devastating COVID-19.
  2. ‘GaribKalyanRojgarAbhiyaan’ was flagged off from village Telihar in Khagaria district of Bihar.
  3. Rs 50,000 Crores would be spent for building durable rural infrastructure under the ‘GaribKalyanRojgarAbhiyaan’.

(A) Only statements 1 is true

(B) All of the above statements are true about ‘GaribKalyanRojgarAbhiyaan’

(C) Only statements 2 and 3 are true

(D) Only statements 1 and 2 are true

Ans: 8(B) 


  1. Article 75 of the Indian Constitution envisages that there will be a Prime Minister who shall be appointed by the President of India. Match the following list of Prime Ministers of India and their period?

       List-I                                                                    List-II

  1. LalBahadurShastri                   A. 1984 to 1989
  2. AtalBihari Vajpayee                        B. 2004 to 2014
  3. Rajiv Gandhi                                C. 1991 to 1996
  4. DrManmohan Singh              D. 1964 to 1966
  5. PV Narasimha Rao               E. 1998 to 2004

(A) 4-B, 2-E, 3-A, 1-D, 5-C

(B) 3-B, 2-E, 1-A, 4-C, 5-D

(C) 2-E, 1-B, 3-D, 4-C, 5-A

(D) 1-D, 4-A, 3-B, 2-E, 5-C

Ans: 9(A) 

  1. Patna is an ancient city that sprawls along the south bank of the Ganges River in Bihar. Match the following column about river and adjoining city:-

  Column-I                                           Column-II

  1. Varanasi                         A. Ganga
  2. Guwahati                    B. Brahmaputra
  3. Ahmedabad                C. Sabarmati
  4. Kolkata                        D. Hooghly
  5. Amaravati                 E. Krishna

(A) 4-B, 2-E, 3-A, 1-C, 5-D

(B) 3-C, 2-B, 1-A, 4-D, 5-E

(C) 2-E, 1-B, 3-D, 4-C, 5-A

(D) 1-D, 4-A, 3-B, 2-E, 5-C

Ans: 10(B)





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