15 August 2020 Daily Current Affairs & Daily GK Update in English

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  1. Name the chairperson of Infosys Foundation who has bagged for the GramodayaBandhuMitraPuraskar?

(A) SudhaMurty

(B) SivakumarSurampudi

(C) Vijay Bhatkar

(D) KoosamRajamouli

(E) GovindaRajuluChintala


  1. Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri DV SadanandaGowda has announced the establishment of a Price Monitoring and Resource Unit (PMRU) in which state, by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)?

(A) Kerala

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Telangana

(E) Karnataka


  1. Who has become the new “Director General Naval Operations (DGNO)” of Indian Navy?

(A) Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar

(B) Vice AdmiralMurlidharSadashivPawar

(C) Vice AdmiralDinesh K Tripathi

(D) Vice AdmiralRavneet Singh

(E) Vice AdmiralG S Pabby


  1. With the prime objective of real-time remote monitoring of air quality, which Photonic System has been indigenously developed by Professor Rao Tatavarti?

(A) Air Unique-Quality Monitoring

(B) Air Quality Monitoring

(C) Air Unique-Quality Monitoring System

(D) Air Quality Monitoring System

(E) Air Unique Monitoring System


  1. Which country has successfully tested its advanced missile defence system, “Arrow-2” ballistic missile interceptor?

(A) Iraq

(B) Israel

(C) Syria

(D) Iran

(E) Palestine


  1. Which state government would provide Rs. 830 per month each to 17 lakh poor families under its ambitious “Orunodoi” scheme, to financially empower women?

(A) Assam government

(B) Nagaland government

(C) Meghalaya government

(D) Manipur government

(E) Tamil Nadu government


  1. Former RBI deputy governor, SubhashSheoratanMundra has been appointed as non-executive chairman of Indiabulls Housing Finance (IBH) with immediate effect, whom will he replace?

(A) Harish Fabiani

(B) Sameer Gehlaut

(C) Rana Kapoor

(D) Kushal Pal Singh

(E) Gyan Chaudhary


  1. The World Organ Donation Day is observed globally on which date in August every year?

(A) 13th

(B) 10th

(C) 14th

(D) 12th

(E) 11th


9. Which ministry will organize “Fit India Freedom Run”, a largest country-wide run, from August 15 to October 2, 2020?

(A) Ministry of Home Affairs

(B) Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

(C) Ministry of Women and Child Development

(D) Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

(E) Ministry of Education


  1. Who heads the three-judge bench of Supreme Court which passed judgement that daughters have equal birthright to inherit property with retrospective effect?

(A) Justice Arun Mishra

(B) Justice DipakMisra

(C) Justice Indu Malhotra

(D) Justice Vineet Saran

(E) Justice Krishna Murari


ANSWERS: – 1(A) 2(E) 3(C) 4(A) 5(B) 6(A) 7(B) 8(A) 9(B) 10(A)


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