15th January 2021 Daily Current Affairs & Daily GK Update in English

Here we are Providing  Top 10 Current Affairs of 15th January 2021 and Daily News is the most important topic for any competitive exams with Questions & Answers for SSC, Bank & Railway Exams. So Solve daily quizzes that will help you memorize the topics.


Daily Current Affairs 15th January 2021 in English


  1. Unichem Labs get the USFDA nod to market generic Celecoxib capsules. Where is the headquarter of USFDA situated?

(A) Bethesda

(B) Silver Spring

(C) Rockville

(D) Washington D.C.

ANSWERS: – 1(B) 


  1. Telecom major Bharti Airtel has received required regulatory approvals for 100 per cent foreign direct investment in its downstream companies. Under which section of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 the Airtel got the payments bank license from the RBI for the first time in India?

(A) Section 22

(B) Section 21

(C) Section 23

(D) Section 20

ANSWERS: – 2(A) 


  1. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath offered prayers at the Gorakhnath Temple on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. In context to the same tell us Makar Sankranti is dedicated to which deity?

(A) Surya

(B) Chandrama

(C) Indra

(D) Brahma



  1. Parts of Delhi reeled under a “severe” cold wave and witnessed “dense” fog as the minimum temperature dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. In context to the same what is the freezing point of mercury?

(A) -39.47 °C

(B) -36.12 °C

(C) -38.83 °C

(D) -37.41 °C

ANSWERS: – 4(C) 


  1. Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in a thrilling semi-final at the Paris Masters. Who win the 2018 paris masters by beating Novak Djokovic in the final?

(A) Novak Djokovic

(B) Cristian Garin

(C) Grigor Dimitrov

(D) Karen Khachanov



  1. According to the officials, women will be inducted as pilots in the Army Aviation Corps from 2022.

Consider the following statements regarding first woman –

(1) First Indian woman scientist selected as fellow in London’s Royal Society is Gagandeep Kang.

(2) Premlata Agrawal was first Indian woman mountaineer to scale the seven continental peaks.
(3) First woman Chief Election Commissioner of India was V S Ramadevi.

Which of the above is/are correct?

(A) Only (1) and (2)

(B) Only (3) and (1)

(C) Only (3) and (2)

(D) All of the above

ANSWERS: – 6(D) 


  1. The United States re-designated Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism for frequently providing support for the acts of international terrorism in granting safe harbor to the terrorists.

Consider the following statements regarding Cuba –

(I) Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean meet.

(II) Between 1908 and 1902, Cuba had become a US protectorate as per Treaty of Paris.

(III) Cuba was added in 1992 in US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

Which of the above is/are correct?

(A) Only (1) and (2)

(B) Only (3) and (1)

(C) Only (3) and (2)

(D) All of the above

ANSWERS: –  7(D)


  1. The World Health Organization along with partner agencies informed on January 12, 2021 that they are establishing a global stockpile of Ebola vaccines to control future outbreaks.

Consider the following statements regarding WHO –

(I) The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

(II) The WHO was established by constitution on 8 April 1948, which is commemorated as World Health Day.

(III) The International Sanitary Conferences, originally held on 29 June 1851, were the first predecessors of the WHO.

Which of the above is/are correct?

(A) Only (1) and (2)

(B) Only (3) and (1)

(C) Only (3) and (2)

(D) None of the above

ANSWERS: – 8(D) 


  1. JAXA is going to launch its flagship rocket H3 to pave the way for the next generation of transportation technologies.

Match the following –

Space Agency  Country

(a) AEB                             1- Brazil

(b) CMSA                          2- Denmark

(c) CNES                           3- France

(d) DASHE                       4- China


(A) a-1, b-4, c-3, d-2

(B) a-2, b-3, c-1, d-4

(C) a-1, b-2, c-4, d-3

(D) a-1, b-3, c-2, d-4

ANSWERS: –  9(A) 


  1. Arunachal Pradesh could be an India’s prime producer of Vanadium.

Match the following –

Minerals                           State

(a) Coal                          1- Andhra Pradesh

(b) Manganese              2- Jharkhand

(c) Asbestos                    3- Odisha

(A) a-1, b-2, c-3

(B) a-2, b-3, c-1

(C) a-3, b-2, c-1

(D) a-1, b-3, c-2

ANSWERS: – 10(B)

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