Top Current Affairs 8 June 2020 in English

8 June Current Affairs 2020 in English


  1. Recently, the Government of India has launched “TULIP” to provide internships to graduates in all Urban Local Bodies. What does “P” stand for in the abbreviation of “TULIP”? Program
  2. Kerala government has declared which ambitious broadband project for all the citizens below the poverty line living in the state? Kerala Fibre Optic Network project
  3. Which state has launched a special campaign “Spandan” to check mental stress and depression of policemen? Chhattisgarh
  4. RBI has created PIDF to encourage acquirers to deploy Points of Sale (PoS) infrastructure, both physical as well as digital modes. What does “I” stand for in the abbreviation of “PIDF”? Infrastructure
  5. Which bank has launched a mobile application to open a current bank account in a paperless manner in just a few hours? IndusInd Bank
  6. Recently, who has appointed as India’s new ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO)? BrajendraNavnit
  7. Senior bureaucrat Rajeev Topno has been appointed as ____ to the Executive Director (ED) of World Bank, in Washington DC. Senior Advisor
  8. For which story of Indian writer Kritika Pandey has been honored with Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2020 for the Asia region? The Great Indian Tee and Snakes
  9. Which independent international organization will host a Unique Twin Summit in January 2021 which would be both in-person as well as virtual? World Economic Forum
  10. World Environment Day is observed globally on 5th June every year to raise awareness about protecting the environment and to remind people not to take nature granted. What is the theme of this year’s World Environment Day? Time for Nature

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