Top Current Affairs 30 April 2020 in English

30 April Current Affairs 2020 in English


    1. According to “Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2019” report, who is on top position in terms of military expenditure? United States

    1. Which country cancelled the multilateral air combat training exercise “Pitch Black 2020”? Australia

    1. Recently Jhuma Khatun has been banned for four years. She is related to which sport? Athletics

    1. DevanandKonwar who died recently was related to which field? Politics

    1. Name the Bank which partnered with All India Management Association (AIMA) to organize workshop named “The Contract Management during Emergency situations”. World Bank

    1. In order to mark the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, _______ is observed on 29 April every year by UNESCO & ITI. International Dance Day

    1. Kerala based innovator VasiniBai has developed 10 varieties of which flower by cross-pollination recently? Anthurium

    1. Name the ministry which has launched #MyBookMyFriendcampaign on world book day. Ministry of Human Resource and Development

    1. Pro Football Hall of Famer Willie Davis who died recently belongs to which country? United States

    1. The world intellectual property day was observed every year of April 26. What is the theme of the day for the year 2020? “Innovate for a Green Future”

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