Top Current Affairs 28 May 2020 in English

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  1. Which Indian-American scientist has bagged the “Inventor of the Year Award” by the New York Intellectual Property Law Association? Rajiv Joshi
  2. Name the Indian Army Major, who has been selected for the United Nations Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award (2019)? Major SumanGawani
  3. Tobias Moers, who has recently been appointed the new CEO of Aston Martin, was previously the CEO of which company? Mercedes-AMG
  4. ViswanathanRatnam, who passed away recently, was former Chief Justice and former acting Governor of___. Himachal Pradesh
  5. What is the theme of the SIDM MSME’s E-conclave which is being chaired by RakshamantriRajnath Singh? Business Continuity for MSMEs in Defence& Aerospace Sector
  6. What is the name of the launch pad via which SpaceX will launch two astronauts from US since 2011? Kennedy Space Center
  7. Recently, NASA has renamed its Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) to honor which famous astronomer? Nancy Grace Roman
  8. Which state has become the first Indian state to accord industry status to sports? Mizoram
  9. In which country the Indian astronauts have resumed their training for India’s first manned space mission Gaganyaan? Russia
  10. Which American tennis player has proclaimed that she is taking retirement from the professional tennis? JamieHampton

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