Top Current Affairs 19 May 2020 in English

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  1. What will be the new FDI limit in the defence manufacturing under the automatic route? 74%
  2. What is the name of the app offered by Microsoft and UnitedHealth Group for firms to screen staff for COVID-19? ProtectWell
  3. Recently which company has announced to acquire GIF-making and sharing website Giphy for $400 Million? Facebook
  4. Aiming to implement PM’s vision of ‘Vocal for Local with Global outreach’, a scheme will be launched with an outlay of _____ to help 2 lakh Micro Food Enterprises. 10000 Crore
  5. The National Animal Disease Control Programme for Foot and mouth disease and brucellosis launched with a total expenditure of 13,343 crore
  6. With the recently approved Social Protection Package for India, what is the total commitment from the World Bank towards emergency Covid-19 response in India? $2 Billion
  7. Recently, on which date the International Day of Light celebrated, the day is the anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman? 16 May
  8. Which state has become the first one in India to regulate the cultivation of crops? Telangana
  9. Debesh Roy, who recently passed away was a famous- writer
  10. For which sector the central government has introduced a new scheme of providing interest subvention of 2% per annum for working capital loans (in May 2020)? Dairy sector

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