Top Current Affairs 17 February 2021 & Daily GK Update in English

Here we are Providing  Top 17 Current Affairs of 10th February  2021 and Daily News is the most important topic for any competitive exams with Questions & Answers for SSC, Bank, UPSC, CLAT, IAS, IB ACIO  & RailwayExams 2021. So Solve daily quizzes that will help you memorize the topics.


Daily Current Affairs 17 February 2021 in English


  1. Recently, the Central Government admitted that no actual assessment of farm income has been carried out since 2013. In context to the same tell us to promote food processing in a holistic manner, which scheme/initiative/Institutional Reforms was started by the government?

(A) Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana

(B) Prampragat Krishi Vikas Yojana

(C) Operation Greens

(D) PM Kisan Sampada Yojana



  1. Recently, the Parliament has passed the Major Port Authorities Bill, 2020. In context to the same tell us The Biological Diversity Act was passed in which year by the parliament of India?

(A) 2002

(B) 2004

(C) 2006

(D) 2001



  1. Recently, researchers have discovered three fossils of the earliest known living animal, the 550-million-year-old “Dickinsonia” on the roof of the Bhimbetka Rock Shelters. In context to the same arrange the following in the order of shortest to longest duration on Geological Time Scale?

(A) Epoch<Period<Era<Eons

(B) Eons<Era<Period<Epoch

(C) Epoch<Eons<Period<Era

(D) Era<Period<Epoch<Eons



  1. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, has inaugurated the first route and terminal buildings of Kochi Water Metro. In context to the same tell us how many Lok Sabha seats are there in Kerala?

(A) 29

(B) 30

(C) 31

(D) 35



  1. The Government of India had decided to supply the Coronavirus vaccines to Canada. What is the national animal of Canada?

(A) Arctic Fox

(B) Beaver

(C) Polar Bear

(D) Emperor Penguin



  1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently released its data on the Bank Credit and Deposits.

Consider the following statements regarding “Bank Credit” –

(1) It is credited in the form of loans.

(2) It is the total amount of funds a person or business can borrow from a financial institution.
(3) Types of bank credit include credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and business lines of credit.

Which of the above is/are correct?

(A) Only (1) and (3)

(B) Only (2) and (1)

(C) Only (3) and (2)

(D) All of the above



  1. Russia has launched a new progress cargo ship into orbit which was launched in order to deliver the cargo to the seven crew members in the International Space Station (ISS).

Consider the following statements regarding satellites –

(I) APPLE was India’s first experimental, geostationary satellite.

(II) Indi’s first experimental satellite was assisted by the Soviet Union.

(III) INSAT -2 project was India’s first indigenously built satellite.

Which of the above is/are correct?

(A) Only (1) and (2)

(B) Only (2)

(C) Only (2) and (3)

(D) All are correct




  1. According to the recent studies, Globular clusters are extremely dense stellar systems, in which stars are packed closely together.

Consider the following statements regarding Hubble Telescope –

(I) The Hubble Space Telescope is named after the astronomer Irwin Hubble

(II) It was launched in 1990 and expected to decay by 2030-2040

(III) Hubble features a 2.4-meter mirror.

(A) Only (1) and (2)

(B) Only (2) and (3)

(C) Only (3) and (1)

(D) All are correct



  1. In experiments in newborn mice, scientists have reported that sounds appear to change “wiring” patterns in areas of the brain.

Match the following branch of treatment with their Organs-

(a) Cardiology                              1- Respiratory tract

(b) Oncology                                 2- Heart

(c) Pulmonology                          3- Cancer

(d) Nephrology                            4- Kidney


(A) a-1, b-4, c-3, d-2

(B) a-2, b-3, c-1, d-4

(C) a-1, b-2, c-4, d-3

(D) a-1, b-3, c-2, d-4



  1. New research shows the average commuter in California is breathing unsustainably high levels of benzene and formaldehyde.

Match the following layers of atmosphere with their heights –

(a) Mesosphere                            1- 50 to 80 km

(b) Stratosphere                         2- 0 to 12 km

(c) Troposphere                          3- 12 to 50 km


(A) a-1, b-2, c-3

(B) a-2, b-3, c-1

(C) a-3, b-2, c-1

(D) a-1, b-3, c-2


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