Top Current Affairs 1 June 2020 in English

1 June Current Affairs 2020 in English


  1. Ajit Jogi, who passed away recently, was the first CM of which Indian state? Chhattisgarh
  2. Who is going to succeed India’s KV Kamath as president of the New Development Bank (NDB)? MarcosTroyjo
  3. Who has been appointed as new CEO and Managing Director of IT services giant ‘Wipro’? Thierry Delaporte
  4. Who will become the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JP Morgan South and South East Asia? MuraliMaiya
  5. Who has been appointed as French technology major Capgemini’s new CEO? AimanEzzat
  6.  Who will take over Kerala Fire and Rescue Services on 1 June? R Sreelekha
  7. Recently, The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of India signed a ___ loan to upgrade 450 kilometers (km) of state highways and major district roads in the state of Maharashtra. $177 million
  8. Which ministry will conduct the ‘HunarHaat’ program in September 2020 with the theme “Local to Global”? Ministry of Minority Affairs
  9. According to the SBI Ecowrap report, what will the estimated GDP of India in last quarter of FY20?1.2%
  10. What is the fish production target of India by 2024-25 as per the Fisheries ministry (in Lakh Metric Tons)?220

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