Sentence Improvement: Concepts, Videos and Practice for SSC Exam

Sentence improvement

1. For a week last month, the team’s 20 players were stranded because the Government-issued passport is not up to international standards.

(1) Government-issued passports were not up to international standards

(2) Government-issued passports are not up to international standards

(3) the passports issued by the government were not up to international standards

(4) No improvement


2. Since July 2008, our customers will be able to use the ATM network of BBY Bank, the bank that was acquired by us during that year.

Have been able to use

(2) Were using

(3) will have been able to use

(4) No improvement

      1. It has been raining since morning.
        (1) from

(2) For

(3) during
(4) No improvement


    1. 4. I am neither a poet nor philosopher.
      • not philosopher

(2) nor the philosopher

(3) nor a philosopher

(4) No improvement

    1. 5. He was hung for murder.

(1) Hang

(2) Hanged

(3) Hanging

(4) No Improvement


    1. 6. He had hardly gone when his friend came.
      • Hardly he had gone

(2) He had gone hardly

(3) Hardly had he gone

(4) No improvement

    1. 7. Neither Ted nor Johan are going.

(1) have been going

(2)were going

(3)is going
(4) No improvement


    1. 8. You have played instead of
      • Working

(2) Having worked

(3) Being worked
(4) No improvement

    1. 9. New hires in this laboratory should anticipate excellent research opportunities and getting valuable clinical, experience.
      • As well as

(2) And also getting

(3) and obtaining

(4) No improvement


    1. 10. It is morebetter to take this route than the other one.

(1) good
(2) better
(3) More good
(4) No improvement

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