Constitution and its Types (Part-2)

Constitution and its Types (Part-2)

Constitution and its Types and Importance of Constitution. Different Types of Constitution. Codified, Uncodified, Flexible and Inflexible Constitution. Monarchical And Republican Constitutions.

⦿ Republican Constitution

► A republic constitution exists in a state which has its figurehead a (usually) democratically elected President, answerable to the electorate and to the constitution.

► Presidential office is both a symbol of statehood and the repository of many powers.

⦿ Presidential Constitution

► Under this constitution model, the head of the executive branch is also head of state, and is not a member of or directly responsible to the legislature.

⦿ Parliamentary Constitution

► It is a form of a Constitution of a state in which the chief executive is a Prime Minister who is a member of and is responsible to the legislature.

⦿ Monarchical Constitution

► Such constitution exists where the government is headed by a monarch and hereditary in nature.

► Usually, the office of head of state is held until death or abdication and is often hereditary and includes a royal house (King or Queen).

Qualities of a Good Constitution:

1. Constitution must be systematically written.

2. It should incorporate the constitutional law of the state and enjoy supremacy.

3. It should have the ability to develop and change in accordance with the changes in the environment and needs of the people.

4. It should be neither unduly rigid nor unduly flexible.

5. It must provide for Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the people.

6. It should clearly define the organisation, powers, functions inter-relations of the government of the state and its three organs.

7. It must provide for the organisation of a representative, responsible, limited and accountable government.

8. The Constitution must clearly reflect the sovereignty of the people.

9. The language of the constitution should be simple, clear and unambiguous.

Importance of Constitution:

► Each state has a Constitution which lays down the organisation, powers and functions of the Government of the State.

► The government always works according to the Constitution, no law or order of the government can violate the Constitution.

► Constitution is the supreme law and all government institutions and members are bound by it.

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