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Complete Ancient History in 5 Minutes

Complete Ancient History in 5 Minutes

Chronology of Important Events in Indian History for SSC Exams. Dear Readers, History covers a good number of questions making it an important topic to cover in Railways & SSC Exams. 

3300-1300 BC – Indus Valley Civilization

563 BC – Birth of Gautama Buddha (or 576 BC in some sources)

540-527 BC – Birth of Mahavir, Nirvana

327-26 BC –  Alexander’s invasion of India and the opening of land route between India and Europe.

326 BC – Ambhi, King of Taxila surrendered to Alexander, Battle of the Hydaspes River

321 BC – Chandra Gupta Maurya established the Maurya Empire

273 BC – Emperor Ashoka took over the Maurya Empire

266 BC – Ashoka conquered most of South Asia, Afghanistan and Iran

265 BC– The battle of Kalinga, after which Emperor Ashoka embraced Buddhism

232 BC – Ashoka died and was succeeded by Dasaratha

230 BC – Satavahana Empire was established

184 BC – Collapse of Maurya Empire with the assassination of Emperor Brihadrata, Establishment of the Sunga dynasty

180 BC – Fall of the Mauryas & Rise of the Sungas

30 BC – Rise of the Satvahana Dynasty

50 AD – The Kushans and Kanishkas

68 AD – Establishment of the Kushana Empire by Kujula Kadphises

78 AD – Gautamiputra Satkarni took over Satavahana Empire and defeated Scythian king Vikramaditya

240 AD – Establishment of the Gupta Empire by Sri-Gupta

320 AD – Chandragupta I establishes the Gupta dynasty

335 AD – Samudragupta took over the Gupta Empire and started expanding it

350 AD – Establishment of the Pallava Empire

360 AD – Samudragupta conquers the North

380 AD – Chandragupta II comes to power

399 to 414 AD – Chinese scholar Fa-Hien traveled to India

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