7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For SSC CGL 2020-21

Mistakes to avoid while preparing for SSC CGL examination.


SSC CGL is one of the most awaited examinations for students who have pursued their graduation.

Every aspirant wants to get his dream govt. job and SSC CGL examination is a golden opportunity for him to make his dream a reality.

But, a lot of students make several mistakes while preparing for the examination. Most of them are very common mistakes that most of the aspirants do.  It is not a good idea to let your preparation go in vain by making such mistakes. So let’s know what are these mistakes and how we can avoid them to enhance our chances of clearing the SSC CGL examination.

1)  Focusing on the shortcuts instead of understanding the basic concept.

If you’re a beginner and you’ve just started preparing for SSC CGL, then you must begin with the basics. Remember without basic knowledge shortcuts are of no use. So don’t try skipping the basics.


2)  Preparing for so many exams at a time.

This is one of the most common mistakes that every aspirant does. So many of you try to prepare for bank and SSC exams together. There is one popular saying- you cannot travel on the two boats together, like this you’ll only drown. In the same way, preparing for so many exams at a time might deviate you from your aim. So, sit back and decide, and if cracking SSC CGL is your dream then we would suggest you focus on it only.


3)  Having the mentality that only coaching can help you to crack the examination.

Yes! Having this mentality is a mistake that you’re making, and a common mistake that aspirants do. Self-study is the key, keep this in mind. The online platform is another great option to help you in your preparation. It saves the time of going/returning from the coaching, plus you can study anywhere, anytime.


4)  Being an expert in one subject will help you crack the exam.

Wrong! Each and every subject has got equal importance in the SSC CGL examination. Prepare every subject equally well.


5)  There is no need for making a study plan.

We believe- Practice in a RIGHT direction makes a man perfect. And we want you to believe in the same. Before starting the preparation, make an effective study plan that includes the complete syllabus of SSC CGL, subject-wise.


6)  Mock tests are not important.

This can be the biggest mistake you make while preparing for the examination. Mock tests are as important as your entire syllabus. Mock tests give you an exact idea of the type of latest questions coming in the examination, plus let you know where you stand regarding your preparation.


7)  Taking Revision for granted.

Revising the important concepts in the last days of examination plays a vital role in cracking the SSC CGL examination. Many students skip revision and keep learning the new concepts and regret it later. We would advise you not to do this mistake. Keep the last 2-4 days for revision only.

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