Famous Cities on River Banks in the World

Famous Cities on River Banks in the World

yourclasses: The following is a list of famous cities of the world through which major rivers flow. It is an Important GK topic for upcoming exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAY etc.

1. City: Adelaide (Australia)

River: Torrens

2. City: Alexandria (Egypt)

River: Nile

3. City: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

River: Amsel

4. City: Ankara (Turkey)

River: Kazil

5. City: Baghdad (Iraq)

River: Tigris

6. City: Bangkok (Thailand)

River: Chao Praya

7. City: Basra (Iraq)

River: Euphrates and Tigris

8. City: Berlin (Germany)

River: Spree

9. City: Bonn (Germany)

River: Rhine

10. City: Bristol (United Kingdom)

River: Avon

11. City: Budapest (Hungary)

River: Daunbe

12. City: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

River: Laplata

13. City: Cairo (Egypt)

River: Nile

14. City: Canton (China)

River: Si-Kiang

15. City: Chittagong (Bangladesh)

River: Majyani

16. City: Chung King (China)

River: Yang-tse- Kiang

17. City: Dublin (Ireland)

River: Liffy

18. City: Hamburg (Germany)

River: Elve

19. City: Kabul (Afghanistan)

River: Kabul

20. City: Karachi (Pakistan)

River: Indus

21. City: Lahore (Pakistan)

River: Ravi

22. City: Caracas (Venezuela)

River: Guaire

23. City: Vienna (Austria)

River: Danube

24. City: Yangoon (Myanmar)

River: Convergence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers

25. City: Quebec (Canada)

River: Saint Lawrence

26. City: Warsaw (Poland)

River: Vistula

27. City: Rome (Italy)

River: Tiber

28. City: New York (USA)

River: Hudson

29. City: Paris (France)

River: Seine

30. City: London (England)

River: Thames

31. City: Moscow (Russia)

River: Moskva

32. City: Washington DC (USA)

River: Potomac

33. City: Shanghai (China)

River: Yangtze

34. City: Delhi (India)

River: Yamuna

35. City: Sydney (Australia)

River: Darling


List of Indian cities on River Banks

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