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Ratio proportion quiz for SSC CGL 0

Ratio and Proportion Quiz for SSC CGL

Ratio and proportion Questions For SSC Quantitative-aptitude     1)-If a:b= 2:3,(b-a):c=8:9 then find a:b:C. यदि a: b = 2: 3, (b-a): c = 8: 9 तो a: b: c ज्ञात करें (a) 16:24:9...


SSC CGL : Revision schedule for next 30 days

1st Week: Quantitative Aptitude: %age, Ratio & Proportions, Number System. English: Vocab and Grammar (Daily for the entire period). General Awareness: Indian Polity, Biology, Current Affairs daily. Reasoning: Logical Puzzle Blood Relation. 2nd Week:...