Capital and Currency of African Countries

Capital and Currency of African Countries

Comprehensive list of countries, their capital cities and currencies. List of Countries from the Contienent of AFRICA. Increase your GK for IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, LIC AAO, NIACL, OICL, SSC CGL etc.

1. Algeria

Capital: Algiers

Currency: Dinar

2. Botswana

Capital: Gaborone

Currency: Pula

3. Burundi

Capital: Bujumbura

Currency: Burundi Franc

4. Cameroon

Capital: Yaoundé

Currency: Franc

5. Congo

Capital: Brazzaville

Currency: Franc

6. Egypt

Capital: Cairo

Currency: Pound

7. Ethiopia

Capital: Addis Ababa

Currency: Birr

8. Gambia

Capital: Banjul

Currency: Dalasi

9. Ghana

Capital: Accra

Currency: Cedi

10. Kenya

Capital: Nairobi

Currency: Shilling

11. Libya

Capital: Tripoli

Currency: Libyan Dinar

12. Madagascar

Capital: Antananarivo Malagasy

Currency: Franc

13. Mali

Capital: Bamako

Currency: Franc

14. Mauritius

Capital: Port Louis

Currency: Rupee

15. Morocco

Capital: Rabat

Currency: Dirham

16. Namibia

Capital: Windhoek

Currency: Dollar and Rand

17. Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

Currency: Naira

18. Rwanda

Capital: Kigali

Currency: Franc

19. Seychelles

Capital: Victoria

Currency: Rupee

20. Sierre Leone

Capital: Freetown

Currency: Leone

21. Somalia

Capital: Mogadishu

Currency: Shilling

22. South Africa

Capital: Cape Town

Currency: Rand

23. Tanzania

Capital: Dar es Salaam

Currency: Shilling

24. Tunisia

Capital: Tunis

Currency: Dinar

25. Uganda

Capital: Kampala

Currency: Shilling

26. Zambia

Capital: Lusaka

Currency: Kwacha

27. Zimbabwe

Capital: Harare

Currency: Dollar

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