Yourclasses: Basic Word Lists for SSC, Bank and other Exams 2020-21






    1. Retaliation (Noun) –प्रतिकार

Meaning: The action of returning a military attack; counter-attack.

Synonyms: Revenge, Vengeance, Reprisal

Antonyms: Forgiveness, Pardon, Sympathy

Usage: “She rejected as preposterous any suggestion that she had acted in retaliation”


    1. Assertion (Noun) –अभिकथन

Meaning: a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.

Synonyms: Declaration, Contention, Statement

Antonyms: Disavowal, Denial, Desertion

Usage: “Imposing such a ban requires far more compelling logic than the assertion that we should not play God.”


    1. Reckless (Adjective) –लापरवाह

Meaning: heedless of danger or the consequences of one’s actions; rash or impetuous.

Synonyms: Rash, Careless, Thoughtless

Antonyms: Careful, Cautious, Prudent

Usage: “Their biggest problem was persuading the enthusiastic local spies not to be reckless.”


    1. Abdicate (Verb) –त्यागना

Meaning: renounce one’s throne.

Synonyms: Resign, Retire, Quit

Antonyms: Be crowned, Accede to

Usage: “Once again the government is abdicating its responsibility and laying the blame elsewhere.”

  1. Veered (Verb) –अचानक दिशा बदलना

Meaning: change direction suddenly.

Synonyms: swerve, career, skew

Antonyms: stayed, went direct, gone direct

Usage: “One can veer off the main paths into gorgeous, overgrown woodland areas.”


  1. Probe (Noun) –तहक़ीक़ात

Meaning: a thorough investigation into a crime or other matter.

Synonyms: investigation, inquiry, examination

Antonyms: answer, ignore, misunderstand

Usage: “I don’t think I shall ever know: in the time of recovery it seemed dangerous to ask and then the time for asking passed and one was afraid to probe an old wound.”


  1. Stampede (Noun) –भगदड़

Meaning: rush wildly in a sudden mass panic.

Synonyms: bolt, charge, rush

Antonyms: retreat, withdrawal, conclusion

Usage: “What normally seemed like a soft tiptoe, was now a stampede of horses.”


  1. Egregious (Adjective) –चौंका देने वाला

Meaning: outstandingly bad; shocking.

Synonyms: shocking, appalling, horrific

Antonyms: marvelous, wonderful, hyperphysical, prodigious

Usage: “But there’s often more egregious abuse among the tiny nonprofits that operate below the radar.”

  1. Indigenous (Adjective) –देशज

Meaning: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

Synonyms: native, aboriginal, local

Antonyms: expatriate, migrant, adventitious

Usage: “Neither is indigenous in the manner that Indians were indigenous to North America.”


  1. Persecution (Noun) –उत्पीड़न

Meaning: hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs; oppression.

Synonyms: oppression, victimization, maltreatment

Antonyms: comfort, help, refuge

Usage: “Under the 1996 laws, asylum seekers fleeing persecution are now held behind bars.”


  1. Legitimate (Adjective) –कानूनी

Meaning: conforming to the law or to rules.

Synonyms: legal, lawful, licit, lawful, effectual

Antonyms: illegal, illegitimate, lawless, clandestine, bastard

Usage: “The removal of the appellants has the legitimate aim of maintaining such control.”


  1. Combative (Adjective) –जुझारू

Meaning: ready or eager to fight or argue.

Synonyms: pugnacious, aggressive, antagonistic

Antonyms: conciliatory, propitiatory, conciliate, flexible

Usage: “The removal of the appellants has the legitimate aim of maintaining such control.”

  1. Disparage (Verb) –उपेक्षा करना

Meaning: regard or represent as being of little worth.

Synonyms: belittle, denigrate, deprecate

Antonyms: praise, overrate, complimentary

Usage: “Perhaps discomforted by these challenges, contemporary critics disparaged the painting.”


  1. Accentuates (Verb) –अधिक ध्यान देने योग्य या प्रमुख बनाना

Meaning: make more noticeable or prominent.

Synonyms: focus, attention on, bring/call/draw attention to, point up

Antonyms: mask, divert attention from

Usage: “Above all, of course, we must accentuate the positive, making the most all that is good in our lovely city and county.”


  1. Grievance (Noun) –शिकायत

Meaning: a real or imagined cause for complaint, especially unfair treatment.

Synonyms: injustice, unjust act, wrong

Antonyms: commendation, advantage, aid

Usage: “Such movements aimed primarily to address specific grievances.”


  1. Suspicion (Noun) –संदेह

Meaning: a feeling or thought that something is possible, likely, or true.

Synonyms: intuition, feeling, impression

Antonyms: certainty, cert, inevitability, confidence

Usage: “He was arrested on suspicion of murder”

  1. Prompting (Noun) –उत्साह दिलाने की क्रिया

Meaning: the action of saying something to persuade, encourage, or remind someone to do or say something.

Synonyms: encouragement, reminder(s), reminding

Antonyms: tug, pull, yank

Usage: “after some prompting, the defendant gave the police his name”


  1. Consensus (Noun) –मतैक्य

Meaning: a general agreement.

Synonyms: agreement, harmony, concord

Antonyms: disagreement, a minority view

Usage: “there is a growing consensus that the current regime has failed”


  1. Accord (Verb) –स्वीकार करना

Meaning: give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition).

Synonyms: give, grant, tender

Antonyms: withhold, remove

Usage: “the powers accorded to the head of state”


  1. Refrained (Verb) –कुछ करने से रोकना

Meaning: stop oneself from doing something.

Synonyms: abstain, desist, hold back

Antonyms: aided, allowed, assisted

Usage: “she refrained from comment”

  1. Forge (Verb) –जाली नक़ल करना

Meaning: create (something) strong, enduring, or successful.

Synonyms: build, build up, construct

Antonyms: remain, stand, stay

Usage: “He forged through the crowded side streets”


  1. Marred (Verb) –बिगाड़ना

Meaning: impair the quality or appearance of; spoil.

Synonyms: spoil, ruin, impair

Antonyms: improve, enhance, reform

Usage: “No wrinkles marred her face”


  1. Unprecedented (Adjective) –अनुपम, अप्रतिम, बेमिसाल

Meaning: never done or known before.

Synonyms: unparalleled, unequaled, unmatched

Antonyms: normal, common, usual

Usage: “the government took the unprecedented step of releasing confidential correspondence”


  1. Envoys (Noun) –दूत

Meaning: a messenger or representative, especially one on a diplomatic mission.

Synonyms: representative, delegate, deputy

Antonyms: receivers, donee, the giftee

Usage: “the UN special envoy to Yugoslavia”


  1. Culminated (Verb) –समापन होना

Meaning: reach a climax or point of highest development.

Synonyms: come to a climax, come to a crescendo, come to a head

Antonyms: start, begin, peter out

Usage: “weeks of violence culminated in the brutal murder of a magistrate”


  1. Warp (Verb) –बकसुआ, मरोड़ना

Meaning: make or become bent or twisted out of shape, typically as a result of the effects of heat or damp.

Synonyms: buckle, twist, bend

Antonyms: straighten, keep shape, plumb

Usage: “moisture had warped the box”


  1. Incursion (Noun) –आक्रमण

Meaning: an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one.

Synonyms: attack on, assault on, a raid on

Antonyms: retreat, degrees, recoil

Usage: “incursions into enemy territory”


  1. Coveted (Noun) –इच्छा

Meaning: yearn to possess (something, especially something belonging to another).

Synonyms: desire, be consumed with desire for, crave

Antonyms: unwanted, unwashed, unwilled, uncomplying

Usage: “I covet one of their smart bags”


[su_heading size=”28″](ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION)[/su_heading]


  1. A person who is greatly respected because of wisdom – Venerable
  2. One who is all-powerful – Omnipotent
  3. An act of violence to take control of a plane –Hijack
  4. Send or bring somebody back to his own country – Repatriate
  5. Animals that live in a particular region – Native
  6. A form of government in which supreme power rests with people is – Democracy
  7. Murder of a brother – Fratricide
  8. One who enjoys inflicting pain on himself –Masochist
  9. To die without having made a will – Intestate
  10. To play the part of and function as some other person – Act
  11. Not easily pleased by anything –Fastidious
  12.  Handwriting which is difficult/impossible to read – Illegible
  13. More like a woman than a man in manners and habits – Effeminate 
  14. An exact copy of handwriting or a picture produced by a machine – Copy

[su_heading size=”28″](MISSPELT WORDS)[/su_heading]

1. (A) Dependent

     (B) Dipendent

     (C) Deppendent

     (D) Dippendent

 2.  (A) Superside

     (B) Superseed

     (C) Supersede

     (D) Superrsede

    1. (A) Inocoulet

     (B) Inoculet

     (C) Inouculate

     (D) Inoculate


    1. (A) Practicaly

     (B) Practisily

     (C) Practically

     (D) Practicelly

    1. (A) Existense

     (B) Existence

     (C) Existensei

     (D) Existency


    1. (A) Temaperature

     (B) Tempreture

     (C) Temprature

     (D) Temperature

    1. (A) Guerrila

     (B) Gurrilla

     (C) Guerilla

     (D) Guerrilla


    1. (A) Suspeecious

     (B) Suscpicious

     (C) Suspicious

     (D) Suspecious

    1. (A) Realize

     (B) Realiez

     (C) Realaiz

     (D) Realiz


    1. (A) Wierd

     (B) Werd

     (C) Wird

            (D) Weird

    1. (A) Infformation

     (B) Informetion

     (C) Imformation

     (D) Information


    1. (A) Murmur

     (B) Murrmur

     (C) Murmurr

     (D) Mormur

    1. (A) Compitance

     (B) Competet

     (C) Compitent

     (D) Competent


    1. (A) Influencial

     (B) Influential

     (C) Influentialy

     (D) Influencialy

[su_heading size=”28″](IDIOMS AND PHRASES)[/su_heading]

1. Bread and butter:

Meaning: – Bread and butter issues are ones that affect people directly and in a very important way.

Example: – His bread and butter come entirely from the pension amount.

2. Chalk and cheese:

Example: – Things, or people, that are like chalk and cheese are very different and have nothing in common.

Meaning: – My brother and I are like chalk and cheese.

  1. Birds and the bees:

Meaning: – If a child is taught about the birds and the bees, they are taught about sex.

Example: – He’s twenty years old and doesn’t understand the birds and the bees!


  1. Dog tired:

Meaning: – If you are dog tired, you are exhausted.

Meaning: – Carl usually got home at around 5 o’clock, dog tired after overtime on the job.

  1. Bag of bones:

Meaning: – If someone is a bag of bones, they are very underweight.

Example: – The old, abandoned dog looked like a bag of bones after living on the streets for so long.


  1. Bird-brain:

Meaning: – Someone who has a bird-brain, or is bird-brained, is stupid.

Example: – A person who lacks intelligence or who makes stupid decisions, You’re such a bird-brain.

  1. Back to square one:

Meaning: – If you are back to square one, you have to start from the beginning again.

Example: – I failed at calculus, so I guess it’s back to square one.


  1. Big bucks:

Meaning: – If someone is making big bucks, they are making a lot of money.

Example: – Kavita has a large amount of money because she was earning big bucks as a lawyer.

  1. All hell broke loose:

Meaning: – When all hell breaks loose, there is chaos, confusion and trouble.

Example: – One policeman drew his gun and then suddenly all hell broke loose.


  1. Belt and suspenders:

Meaning: – (USA) Someone who wears a belt and suspenders is very cautious and takes no risks.

Example: – We understand that we’re going to receive an opinion of counsel that our course of conduct is legal, but we’d really like to have a Directors and Officers Insurance Policy in place as a belt-and-suspenders plan.

  1. Beck and call:

Meaning: – Someone who does everything for you, no matter when you ask, is at your beck and call.

Example: – The restaurant’s staff must have thought I’m a restaurant critic. So, they were at my beck and call for three whole hours.


  1. Bells on:

Meaning: – (USA) To be somewhere with bells on means to arrive there happy and delighted to attend.

Example: – Ready to celebrate, eagerly, as in Of course I’ll come; I’ll be there with bells on.

  1. Belly up:

Meaning: – If things go belly up, they go badly wrong.

Example: – The sports team lost their last series & went belly up.


  1. Below par:

Meaning: – If something isn’t up to standard, or someone isn’t feeling or doing very well, they are below par.

Example: – I am feeling below par today, but I’m sure I’ll recover by tomorrow.

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