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Ancient History : Early Vedic / Rig Vedic Age

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Geographical Facts : –

  • Rigveda mentions about 40 Rivers
  • Rigvedic People called them selves as “Aryans” were confined to the area known “Sapta Sindhu”. It comprises of  “Sindhu” and their 5 tributaries
  1. Vitasta – Jhelum
  2. Asikani – Chenab
  3. Vipas – Beas
  4. Parushni – Ravi
  5. Sutuadri – Sutlej
  • And 7th is Saraswati river.

Political Facts : –

  • The form of government is of Patriarchal Nature

Social Facts : –

  • Unit of society was family, primarily monogamous and patriarchal in nature.
  1. Brahman –  Teacher and Priests
  2. Kshatriya –  Ruler and Adminstrators
  3. Vashyas –  Merchants and Bankers.
  4. Shudras – Artisans and  Laboures
  • Cow was considered as “Aghanya” `i.e. not to be killed.
  • Alcoholic drinks, “Sura” and “soma” were also used.

Economical Facts : –

  • Cow and gold ornaments of fixed value were the medium of exchange.
  • Various animals were domeisticated.
  • Carpenters, smiths, tanners, weavers, potters and grinders of corn were there in Rigvedic age.
  • Art of healing wounds and curing diseases were in existence.


Previous year Questions based on Early Vedic Age : –

Q.1 The tax which the kings used to collect from the people of  Rigvedic age was called –
(a) Kara
(b) Bali
(c) Varman
(d) Vidatha

Ans. (b) Exp. – “Bali” was a type of tax which the kings used to collect from the people of  Rigvedic Age. Earlier it was voluntary in nature but later it was made compulsory

Q.2 The staple food of the vedic Aryans was : –
(a) Rice and Barley
(b) Rice and Pulses
(c) Mil and its products
(d) Vegetables and Fruits

Ans. (c) Exp. The staple food of Aryans of the vedic age was mainly milk and its products.

Q.3  The earliest settlements of Aryan tribes were at :-
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Bengal
(c) Delhi
(d) Sapta Sindhu

Ans. (d) Exp. The settlements of the Aryan Tribes was at Sapta Sindhu or Land of  Serven rivers.

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