29 February Current Affair 2020 in English

29 February Current Affair 2020 in English 

  1. Name the five-time Grand Slam winner from Russia, who recently announced her retirement? Maria Sharapova
  2. Who has been appointed as the new managing director and chief executive of TransUnion Cibil, the largest credit information bureau? Rajesh Kumar
  3. Recently, the Reserve Bank of India lifted the ban on Bandhan Bank to open new branches without prior approval. With reference to the same, Bandhan Bank can now open how many percents of the total banking outlets in rural areas in a financial year? About 25 percent
  4. Who has recently stepped down as CEO of the Walt Disney Company? Bob Iger
  5. Heather Knight, who recently became the first woman cricketer to smash hundreds in all three international formats, is the captain of which National women’s cricket team? England
  6. Name the famous Ayurveda guru, who treated people like St. Teresa and Dalai Lama, who died recently? Pankaj Naram
  7. The RAISE 2020- ‘Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020’ summit will be held in which city between April 11 and April 12? New Delhi New Delhi
  8. Who has been appointed as India’s Ambassador to Nepal? Vinay Mohan Kwatra
  9. Who has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Axis Bank? Puneet Sharma
  10. Win Myint is the President of which country, who recently on a four-day visit to India? Myanmar

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