28 February Current Affair 2020 in English

27 February Current Affair 2020 in English 

  1. Which state has introduced the unified registration card for the first time in a country which also the second state that has launched the unified driving license? Madhya Pradesh
  2. What is the theme of “Rare Disease Day 2020” which is an observance held on the last day of February to raise awareness for rare diseases? Rare is many, rare is strong and rare is proud!
  3. Name the scheme, which has recently been launched by Andhra Pradesh govt for students pursuing various post-Intermediate courses to meet hostel and mess expenses? Jagananna Vasthi Deevena
  4. Name the CEO of MasterCard, who will step down from his post in 2021 and take on the role of Executive Chairman? Ajay Banga
  5. Which Indian-origin woman has recently been appointed as UK’s new Attorney General? Suella Braverman
  6. Krishna Bose, who died recently, was the noted personality in which field? Politics
  7. According to ‘World Air Quality Report 2019’, which city of India ranks first in this list? Ghaziabad
  8. Name the World’s oldest man, who was recently named the world’s oldest living man by Guinness World Records, died recently? Chitetsu Watanabe
  9. Who took charge as the Chairman & Managing Director of State-run hydropower giant ‘NHPC’? Abhay Kumar Singh
  10. Who has been honored as a female and male sportsperson of the year at the recent ESPN India Annual Multi-Sport Awards? PV Sindhu and Saurabh Chaudhary


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