27 April Current Affairs 2020 in English

27 April Current Affairs 2020 in English


    1. Confidence Index of India Inc. is released by whom? Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

    1. In order to fight COVID-19, the World Bank has provided how much financial assistance to India? $1 Billion

    1. Who has been appointed as the interim president of BMW India operations after the demise of Rudratej Singh? Arlindo Teixeira

    1. Vodafone-Idea has partnered with which payment app to launch the ‘Recharge Saathi’ program? Paytm

    1. Name the country which is the first nation to legalize cannabis (marijuana) cultivation. Lebanon

    1. The Supreme Court collegium has recommended the appointment of whom as chief justice of Meghalaya high court? BiswanathSomadder

    1. Sudarsanam Babu, who has been appointed as the member of National Science Board of America will have a tenure of: 6 years

    1. Twitch, which is a video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of whom?Amazon

    1. Recently Facebook has bought 9.99% stake of Reliance Jio in __________. USD 5.7 Billion

    1. In whose place, the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association has elected Rakesh Sharma as its President? Johannes Loman

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