25 March Current Affairs 2020 in English


[su_heading size=”33″]25 March Current Affairs 2020 in English[/su_heading]


    1. Kenny Rogers, who died, was the famous singer of which country? America
    1. Arjun and Padmshree awardee PK Banerjee, who died, was associated with which sport? Football
    1. Which Bollywood actress has recently teamed up with the World Health Organization (WHO) to spread awareness over COVID-19? Priyanka Chopra
    1. Which state government has abolished reservation in promotion in the state government jobs? Uttarakhand
    1. Name the World’s Happiest Country as per UN World Happiness Report- 2020? Finland
    1. Meenakshisundaram Ramasamy Viswanathan, popularly known as Visu is related to which field Script Writer
    1. Recently, which nation became the first one to boycott the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan? Canada
    1. Which insurance company gave relaxation to policyholders in payment of premiums due on enforcing policies up to April 15 owing to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country? Life Insurance Corporation
    1. Does DBS Bank India have tied-up with which Insurance company to roll out a complimentary insurance plan covering all medical conditions, including Covid-19?Bharti AXA
    1. How much fund does Netflix announced to help workers on film and television productions that have been impacted due to the global coronavirus outbreak? $100 million

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