21 March Current Affairs 2020 in English

21 March Current Affairs 2020 in English


1. The Defence Ministry has cleared the purchase of how many Light Combat Aircraft Mk-1A advanced Tejas jets for Rs. 38,000 crore from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited? 83

2.WTO has recently issued a report for India regarding a dispute which is challenged by which country for Export promotion Schemes? US 

3. How much package has been announced by Asian Development Bank for its developing member countries to fight the coronavirus pandemic? $6.5 Billion

4.Which social hub unveils Coronavirus Information Hub, in partnership with the WHO, UNICEF and UNDP? Whatsapp

5.Which payment bank has announced to issue Visa debit cards to its customers that will enable them to transact at all merchants accepting payments through card? Paytm Payments Bank

6. Who became India’s next ambassador to Republic of Uganda? Ajay Kumar

7. What is the name of the book, a tribute to Manohar Parrikar, presented to President Ram Nath Kovind? Invincible

8. Manikaran Power Limited(MPL) which is founded by Navjeet Singh Kalsi and Jaspreet Singh Kalsi in 2008, has been headquartered in: Kolkata

9. Name the CEO of Aegon Life Insurance Company which is headquartered in Mumbai?

Vineet Arora

10. Who is the founder of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services, an American financial services company? Henry Varnum Poor

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