2 April Current Affairs 2020 in English


[su_heading size=”31″]2 April Current Affairs 2020 in English[/su_heading]

  1. In wake of a financial crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, which state government has announced a massive pay cut for all its employees ranging from 10% to as high as 75%? Telangana
  2. Name the mobile app on which Rajasthan Police start giving permit to individuals in the state for movement in necessary conditions during a lockdown? Rajkot
  3. ParavaiMuniyamma, who passed away recently, was the famous actress and folk singer of which region? Tamil
  4. Which Tech giant has launched an app in the US that will help users do self-screening for COVID-19? Apple Inc
  5. Which financial institution has recently announced a 100 million US Dollars funding for the Indian infrastructure sector? Asian Development Bank
  6. Who has won the Best Actor(Hindi) at Critics’ Choice Film Awards 2020? Ranveer Singh
  7. Which state government has launched a mobile app PRAGYAAM to issue e-passes during national lockdown to combat COVID-19? Jharkhand
  8. Coronavirus risk-tracking app ‘Corona Kavach’ is jointly developed by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare & __Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  9. With the recent joining of Republic of North Macedonia in the NATO group, Itbecomes the ____________member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 30th
  10. With the amalgamation of state run banks, Now the Syndicate Bank branches will function as: Canara Bank

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