19 April Current Affairs 2020 in English

19 April Current Affairs 2020 in English


      1. What is the name of the Navi’s microfinance arm who had formally approached the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a universal banking licence? Chaitanya India Fin Credit Pvt. Ltd.

    1. India Biotech has tied up with which US Company to develop a vaccine named “Coro-Flu”? FluGen
    1. Who is the founder of of UPSCGuide e-learning platform? Abhijeet Nikam
    1. Recently how much loan under RFI has been requested by Pakistan from IMF? 1.4 billionDollar

5.The Union minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar has chaired the National conference 2020 on which crops (in April 2020)?Kharif

    1. The Corporation Bank & Andhra Bank has now been amalgamated into which entity? Union Bank of India
    1. Which subjects have been included in the electronic format of comic textbooks, launched by Manipur Government in a single electronic format? Mathematics, Environmental Studies and English Language
    1. The first series of “DekhoApnaDesh” webinar launched by the Ministry of Tourism is based on which city? Delhi
    1. Algerian writer Abdelouhab Aisoui has received the 13th International Arab Fiction Award 2020 for his novel __. ‘The Spartan Court’
    1. From which year onwards the Asian Boxing Championship became a combined event for men and women? 2019

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