100 Useful Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank Exams 2020-21

100 Useful Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL and Bank Exams 2020-21


    1. Perilous (Adjective) – खतरनाक

Definition: full of danger or risk.

Synonyms: dangerous, fraught with danger, hazardous

Antonyms: safe, secure

Usage: “a perilous journey south”


    1. Ad hoc (Noun) — अनौपचारिक

Definition: created or done for a particular purpose as necessary.

Synonyms: impromptu, extempore, extemporary, extemporaneous

Antonyms: considered, planned, premeditated, premeditative

Usage: “the discussions were on an ad hoc basis”


    1. Substantive (Adjective) — ठोस

Definition: having a firm basis in reality and so important, meaningful, or considerable.

Synonyms: biggish, considerable, good, goodly

Antonyms: inconsequential, inconsiderable, insignificant

Usage: “there is no substantive evidence for the efficacy of these drugs”


    1. Insurgency (Noun) — विद्रोह

Definition: an active revolt or uprising.

Synonyms: rebellion, revolt, revolution, rising

Antonyms: calm, obedience, orthodoxy, peace

Usage: “rebels are waging an armed insurgency to topple the monarchy”

    1. Behest (Noun) – आज्ञा

Definition: A person’s orders or command.

Synonyms: Instruction, Bidding, Request, Requirement

Antonyms: Appeal, Entreaty, Petition, Plea,

Usage: I only made the change at the author’s behest.


    1. Malign (Adjective) – दुष्ट

Definition: Evil in nature or effect.

Synonyms: Harmful, Evil, Bad, Baleful, Hostile

Antonyms: Beneficial

Usage: She had a strong and malign influence.

    1. Faraway (Adjective) – सुदूर

Definition: Distant in space or time.

Synonyms: Distant, Far Off, Far

Antonyms: Nearby, Neighboring

Usage: Exotic and faraway locations

    1. Tantrum (Noun) – गुस्से का आवेश

Definition: An uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.

Synonyms: Fit, Outburst, Flare-up, Blow-up, Pet

Antonyms: Happiness, Peace, Calm

Usage: He has temper tantrums if he can’t get his own way

    1. Rendezvous (Noun) – मिलन स्थल

Definition: a meeting at an agreed time and place

Synonyms: meeting, appointment, engagement

Antonyms: disband, disperse, break up, distribute

Usage: “Edward turned up late for their rendezvous”


    1. Damper (Noun) – अंकुश

Definition: a person or thing that has a subduing or inhibiting effect.

Synonyms: curb, check, restraint, restriction, limit, limitation

Antonyms: spur

Usage: “this will be a damper on the liberal agenda for the next couple of years”


    1. Leeway (Noun) — हवा की ओर

Definition: the amount of freedom to move or act that is available.

Synonyms: freedom, scope, room to maneuver, latitude

Antonyms: constraint, restriction

Usage: “the government had greater leeway to introduce reforms”


    1. Wilt (Verb) — जोश

Definition: lose energy, vigor, or confidence.

Synonyms: languish, flag, lose energy, become listless

Antonyms: perk up

Usage: “Lady Beresford was beginning to wilt as she greeted the long line of guests”

    1. Reluctance (noun) — अनिच्छा

Definition: unwillingness or disinclination to do something.

Synonyms: unwillingness, disinclination

Antonyms: willingness, eagerness

Usage: “she sensed his reluctance to continue”


    1. Breach (noun) — उल्लंघन

Definition: an act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct.

Synonyms: contravention, violation, breaking

Antonyms: observance

Usage: “a breach of confidence”


    1. Contention (noun) — असहमत

Definition: heated disagreement.

Synonyms: disagreement, dispute

Antonyms: agreement

Usage: “the captured territory was the main area of contention between the two countries”


    1. Castigates (verb) — फटकारना

Definition: reprimand (someone) severely.

Synonyms: reprimand, rebuke, admonish, chastise

Antonyms: praise, commendation, preface, panegyric

Usage: “he was castigated for not setting a good example”

    1. Rejoice (verb)आनंदित होना

Definition: feel or show great joy or delight.

Synonyms: happiness, pleasure, joy, gladness

Antonyms: mourn, lament

Usage: “we spent the evening rejoicing at our victory”


    1. Annul (verb) — रद्द

Definition: declare invalid (an official agreement, decision, or result).

Synonyms: declare invalid, declare null and void

Antonyms: restore, enact

Usage: “the elections were annulled by the general amid renewed protests”


    1. Saner (adjective) — समझदार

Definition: (of a person) of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill.

Synonyms: of sound mind, right in the head, in one’s right mind

Antonyms: foolish

Usage: “hard work kept me sane”


    1. Plea (Noun) – दलील

Definition: a request made in an urgent and emotional manner.

Synonyms: appeal, entreaty, supplication, petition

Antonyms: answer, decision, demand

Usage: “he made a dramatic plea for disarmament”


    1. Confiscate (Verb) — जब्त करना

Definition: take or seize (someone’s property) with authority.

Synonyms: impound, seize, commandeer, requisition

Antonyms: return

Usage: “the guards confiscated his camera”


    1. Worrisome (Adjective) — चिंताजनक

Definition: causing anxiety or concern.

Synonyms: worrying, daunting, alarming, perturbing

Antonyms: reassuring, encouraging, cheering

Usage: “a worrisome problem”


    1. Dispute (Noun) — विवाद

Definition: a disagreement or argument.

Synonyms: debate, discussion, discourse, disputation

Antonyms: agreement

Usage: “a territorial dispute between the two countries”


    1. Entrench (Verb) — मोरचा बंद करना

Definition: establish (an attitude, habit, or belief) so firmly that change is very difficult or unlikely.

Synonyms: establish, settle, ensconce, lodge, set

Antonyms: dislodge, superficial

Usage: “ageism is entrenched in our society”

    1. Transition (Noun) — संक्रमण

Definition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Synonyms: change, move, passage, transformation

Antonyms: stagnation, idleness, remission

Usage: “students in the transition from one program to another”


    1. Autonomy (Noun) – स्वशासन, स्वराज्य

Definition: freedom from external control or influence; independence.

Synonyms: self-government, independence, self-rule

Antonyms: subjection, dependence

Usage: “the courts enjoy a considerable degree of autonomy”


    1. Rationale (Noun) – तर्काधार

Definition: a set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or belief.

Synonyms: reason(s), reasoning, thinking, (logical) basis

Antonyms: discouragement, proof, reality

Usage: “he explained the rationale behind the change”


    1. Indigenous (Adjective) — स्वदेशी

Definition: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

Synonyms: native, aboriginal, local

Antonyms: expatriate, migrant, adventitious

Usage: “the indigenous peoples of Siberia”


    1. Convene (Verb) – बुलवाना

Definition: Come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble.

Synonyms: Summon, Call.

Antonyms: Disperse

Usage: Meghalaya’s Conrad Sangma, who runs a coalition government which includes the BJP,

convened the meeting in Guwahati, the region’s political hub, challenging the BJP on its own turf.


    1. Decouple (Verb) – अलग करना

Definition: separate, disengage, or dissociate (something) from something else.

Synonyms: disassociate, disconnect, disjoin, disjoint

Antonyms: join, link, unify

Usage: “the mountings effectively decouple movements of the engine from those of the wheels”


    1. Snag (Noun) — रोड़ा

Definition: an unexpected or hidden obstacle or drawback.

Synonyms: obstacle, difficulty, complication

Antonyms: advantage, aid, assistance, benefit

Usage: “there’s one small snag”


    1. Divergence (Noun) — विचलन

Definition:  the process or state of diverging.

Synonyms: separation, dividing, parting

Antonyms: meeting, confluence, junction, merging

Usage: “the divergence between primates and other groups”


    1. Recede (Verb) – पीछे हटना

Definition: Go or move back or further away from a previous position.

Synonyms: Retreat, go back, Withdraw.

Antonyms: Advance, Approach

Usage: The prospects for Britain’s orderly withdrawal from the European Union on March 29 have receded further, even as MPs rallied to stop a no-deal scenario.


    1. Disburse (Verb) –चुकाना

Definition: Payout (money from a fund).

Synonyms: Spend, Expend

Antonyms: Claim

Usage: Just a day after a 300-crore loan was disbursed to Videocon International Electronics in

2009, Mr. Kochhar’s Nupower Renewable received Crore from the Videocon group.


    1. Inadvertent (Adjective) – असावधान

Definition: Not resulting from or achieved through deliberate planning.

Synonyms: Unintentional, Unintended, Accidental, Unpremeditated

Antonyms: Deliberate, Intentional

Usage: India must be alert as there is a possibility of emerging disruptive technologies prompting

inadvertent conflict.


    1. Lackluster (Adjective) – मंद

Definition: Lacking in vitality, force, or conviction; uninspired or uninspiring.

Synonyms: Uninspired, Uninspiring, and Unimaginative

Antonyms: Inspired, Brilliant

Usage: This rather lackluster response to major ‘futuristic’ challenges to our national security

raises a larger question: is India adequately


    1. Disruptive (Adjective) – हानिकारक

Definition: Causing or tending to cause disruption.

Synonyms: Innovative, Inventive, Ingenious, Original

Antonyms: Unimaginative, Conservative

Usage: The arrival of these technologies might deeply frustrate strategic stability as we know it given their disruptive nature.


    1. Glide (Verb) – फिसलना

Definition: Move with a smooth, quiet continuous motion.

Synonyms: Slide, Slip, Float and Drift

Antonyms: Hurtle

Usage: Once accuracies get better, hypersonic glide vehicles replace conventional delivery systems.


    1. Succinct (Adjective) – संक्षिप्त

Definition: (Especially of something written or spoken) briefly and clearly expressed.

Synonyms: Concise, Short, Brief, Compact, Condensed, Crisp

Antonyms: Lengthy, Long-winded, Verbose

Usage: In a January 2018 article, the Economist put it succinctly: “Disruptive new technologies, worsening relations between Russia and America and a less cautious Russian leadership than in the cold war have raised fears that a new era of strategic instability may be approaching.”


    1. Surreptitious (Noun) – जाली

Definition: Kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of.

Synonyms: Secret, Stealthy, Clandestine, Secretive, Sneaky

Antonyms: Blatant, Open, Honest

Usage: Low wages were supplemented by surreptitious payments from tradesmen.


    1. Sops (Noun) – कमी

Definition: A thing of no great value given or done as a concession to appease someone whose

main concerns or demands are not being met.

Synonyms: drench, drown, soak, sodden

Antonyms: dehumidify, Desiccate, Dry, Parch, Sear

Usage: The interim budget casts away established conventions and targets votes with sops.


    1. Expedient (Adjective) – प्रणाली

Definition: (of an action) convenient and practical although possibly improper or immoral.

Synonyms: Convenient, Advantageous,

Antonyms: Inexpedient, Ill-advised

Usage: As election-eve budgets go, Interim Budget 2019-20 must rank as one of the most politically

expedient ones this country has seen.


      1. Retaliatory (Adjective) – प्रतिकार का

Definition: (of an action) characterized by a desire for revenge.

Synonyms: Payback, Reprisal, Requital

Antonyms: Clemency, Grace, Leniency

Usage: The U.S. response cannot be regarded as purely retaliatory.


      1. Scupper (Verb) – तबाह करना

Definition: Sink (a ship or its crew) deliberately.

Synonyms: Sink, Scuttle, Submerge

Antonyms: Float, Raise

Usage: Mr. Trump, who scuppered the nuclear agreement with Iran, has hinted he would refuse to abide by a treaty that other parties were disregarding.

      1. Steam (Verb) – आगे बढ़ना

Definition: Come, go, or move somewhere rapidly or in a forceful way.

Synonyms: Run, Sprint, Race, Dart, Rush, Dash,

Antonyms: Dawdle

Usage: In 2018, the U.S. Nuclear Posture Review noted that Beijing was steaming forward with the expansion of its cruise-missile arsenal.


      1. Stockpile (Noun) – संचय

Definition: Accumulate a large stock of (goods or materials).

Synonyms: Amass, Accumulate, Hoard, Cache, Collect, Gather

Antonyms: Cast, Discard, Ditch, Dump

Usage: Shifting geo-politics also requires that European concerns be factored into strategic discussions on the INF, particularly because it is Europe that is most immediately threatened by the Russian stockpile.


      1. Inexplicable (Adjective) – अकथनीय

Definition: Unable to be explained or accounted for.

Synonyms: Unaccountable, Unexplainable, Incomprehensible

Antonyms: Understandable

Usage: For some inexplicable reason her mind went completely blank.


      1. Disastrous (Adjective) – विनाशकारी

Definition: Causing great damage.

Synonyms: Catastrophic, Calamitous, Cataclysmic

Antonyms: Fortunate, Successful, Beneficial

Usage: A disastrous fire swept through the museum.

    1. Diligence (Noun) –परिश्रम

Definition: Careful and persistent work or effort.

Synonyms: Conscientiousness, Assiduousness, Assiduity

Antonyms: Laziness, Carelessness

Usage: Few party members challenge his diligence as an MP.


    1. Faction (Noun) – गुट या दल

Definition: Dissension within an organization.

Synonyms: Infighting, Dissension, Dissent, Dispute,

Antonyms: Harmony

Usage: Most of the convicts belong to a faction of the National Democratic Front of Boroland, of which Daimary is the chairman.


    1. Espouse (Verb) – अपनाना या सहारा देना

Definition: Adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life).

Synonyms: Adopt, Embrace,

Antonyms: Reject, Oppose

Usage: These groups and their predecessors, many of which have given up arms and joined the formal political process, espouse causes ranging from secession to a Bodoland State carved out of Assam.


    1. Hamstrung (Verb) – पंगु होना

Definition: Severely restrict the efficiency or effectiveness of.

Synonyms: Handicap, Constrain, Restrict, Cripple

Antonyms: Help

Usage: The Bodo case for statehood is also hamstrung by the fact that non-Bodos account for nearly 70% of the population in the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts that will comprise the core of such a State.


      1. Superfluity (Noun) – आधिक्य

Definition: An unnecessarily or excessively large amount or number of something.

Synonyms: Surplus, Excess, Overabundance

Antonyms: Lack, Shortage

Usage: Minority representation was discussed at length and set aside as a superfluity.


      1. Incipient (Adjective) – उत्पन्न होने वाला

Definition: Beginning to happen or develop.

Synonyms: Rowing

Antonyms: – adult, adult, full-fledged, mature, ripe, ripened

Usage: In the real world of dislocation and trauma, Partition witnessed a number of local vigilante efforts to inscribe a narrower identity on the incipient nation.


      1. Hegemony – नेतृत्व

Definition: Leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others.

Synonyms: Leadership, Dominance, Dominion, Supremacy

Antonyms: Self-government

Usage: Germany was united under Prussian hegemony after 1871.


      1. Enamour (Verb) – आनंदित करना

Definition: Be filled with love for.

Synonyms: In love with, infatuated with, Besotted with

Antonyms: Indifferent to

Usage: It is not difficult to see why Edward is enamored of her

      1. Appetite (Noun) – भूख

Definition: A strong desire or liking for something.

Synonyms: Craving, Longing, Yearning, Hankering,

Antonyms: Aversion

Usage: We live in a world where appetite for news is incessant and the news cycle is very short.


      1. Vicious (Adjective) – शातिर

Definition: Deliberately cruel or violent.

Synonyms: Brutal, Ferocious, Savage, Violent

Antonyms: Gentle, Kindly, Benevolent

Usage: A vicious assault


      1. Estrangement (Noun) – मनमुटाव

Definition: The fact of no longer being on friendly terms or part of a social group.

Synonyms: Alienation, Turning Away, Antagonism, Antipathy, Disaffection,

Antonyms: Unity, Reconciliation

Usage: Equally important, the spectacular rise of Hindutva or Hindu nationalism from the 1990s has had a major psychological impact on a section of Muslim youth, prompting their estrangement from the national mainstream.


      1. Macabre (Adjective) – भयंकर

Definition: Disturbing because concerned with or causing a fear of death.

Synonyms: Gruesome, Grisly, Grim, Gory, Morbid

Antonyms: – cheerful, happy, pleasant, pleasing, pretty, common, living, normal

Usage: The Hashimpura massacre in Uttar Pradesh by members of the Provincial Armed Constabulary in 1987 was the most macabre example of such incidents.

      1. Swerve (Verb) – बहकना

Definition: To depart abruptly from a straight line or course

Synonyms: Break, Cut, Sheer

Antonyms: Straighten

Usage: The government did not hesitate to swerve from the path of rectitude to finance an income support programme for farmers in an election year.


      1. Testify (Verb) – गवाही

Definition: Serve as evidence or proof that something exists or is the case.

Synonyms: Confirm, Evidence, Prove, Corroborate, Substantiate

Antonyms: Belie

Usage: The bleak lines testify to inner torment


      1. Conducive (Adjective) – अनुकूल

Definition: Making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.

Synonyms: Good for, Helpful to, Instrumental in

Antonyms: Unfavourable

Usage: In a democracy, it is left to elected representatives whether to pursue macroeconomic policies conducive to the generation of employment.


      1. Pessimist (Noun) – हतोत्साहित

Definition: A thing that has a restraining or subduing effect.

Synonyms: Complainer, Grouch, Moaner and Pessimist

Antonyms: Hopeful, Sanguine,

Usage: The language on terrorism in the joint statement was something of a dampener for those who would have hoped there would be stronger condemnation of the terror attack in Pulwama.


      1. Embrace (Verb) – स्वागत और स्वीकार करना

Definition: Accept (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.

Synonyms: Welcome and Accept, Integument

Antonyms: Reject

Usage: At the leadership level, Mr. Modi extended more than a personal touch to the visit by going to the airport and embracing the Crown Prince on landing.


      1. Precarious (Adjective) – अनिश्चित

Definition: Not securely held or in position; dangerously likely to fall or collapse.

Synonyms: Uncertain, Insecure, Unreliable, and Unsure

Antonyms: Safe, Secure

Usage: He made a precarious living as a painter.


      1. Claimant (Noun) – दावेदार

Definition: A person making a claim, especially in a lawsuit or for a state benefit.

Synonyms: Applicant, Candidate

Antonyms: Consultant, Seller, Defendant, Respondent, Person, Abdicator

Usage: Obviously, a claim in the context of the above-mentioned Act is based on an assertion that a claimant has been in possession of a certain parcel of land located in the forest areas.


      1. Pertain (Verb) – संबद्ध होना

Definition: Be appropriate, related, or applicable to.

Synonyms: Concern, relate to, be Related to

Antonyms: Dissect, Unstudied, Artless, Unaltered, Untouched, Sincere

Usage: Developments pertaining to the economy.

      1. Affluent (Adjective) – प्रभावशाली

Definition: (especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy.

Synonyms: Wealthy, Rich, Prosperous, Opulent

Antonyms: Poor, Impoverished

Usage: The savings of low-income Indian households have traditionally remained unprotected by the government when compared to those of the more affluent economic groups.


      1. Promulgate (Verb) – घोषणा करना

Definition: Promote or make widely known (an idea or cause).

Synonyms: Publicize, Spread, Communicate, Propagate

Antonyms: Conceal, Hush (up), Silence, Suppress

Usage: President Ram Nath Kovind has promulgated the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Ordinance.


      1. Miscreant (Noun) – उपद्रवी

Definition: A person who has done something wrong or unlawful.

Synonyms: Criminal, Culprit, Wrongdoer, Malefactor,

Antonyms: Innocent, Saint

Usage: These unregulated schemes have also been misused by some miscreants.


      1. Utterance (Noun) – कथन

Definition: A spoken word, statement, or vocal sound.

Synonyms: Remark, Comment, Word, Expression

Antonyms: Silence, question, written statement, quiet, request

Usage: The latter is manifest in New Delhi’s diplomatic utterances.

      1. Baby-sit (verb)- पालना

Definition: look after a child or children while the parents are out.

Synonyms: Suckle, Feed, Nurse, Support, Reclaim, Baby-Sit

Antonyms: Miss, Neglect, Overlook, Disregard, Forget, Ignore

Usage: I was asked to babysit for the Alatas children and although I wasn’t too keen on watching over a toddler, I had accepted.


      1. Concert (verb)- संगीत कार्यक्रम

Definition: A musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several separate


Synonyms: Musical, Performance, Show, Production, Presentation, Recital

Antonyms: Chaos, Disagreement, Disharmony, Argument, Argy-Bargy.

Usage: I would love to return to Ireland one day to sing concerts of arias and Irish songs.


      1. Convenient (verb)- सुविधाजनक

Definition: Fitting in well with a person’s needs, activities, and plans.

Synonyms: Suitable, Appropriate, Fitting, Fit, Suited, Opportune, Timely, Well-Timed, Favourable,

Advantageous, Seasonable, Expedient.

Antonyms: Awkward, Difficult, Untimely, Unsuitable, Inappropriate, Unfortunate, Irritating, Annoying, Vexing, Bothersome, Aggravating.

Usage: I do have one further matter to trouble, your Lordship, with if that is convenient.

      1. Emergency (verb)- आपातकालीन

Definition: A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

Synonyms: Catastrophe, Calamity, Difficulty, Plight, Predicament, Danger, Crisis, Urgent, Situation, Extremity,

Exigency, Accident, Disaster

Antonyms: Dubiousness, Benefit, Ease, Freedom, Fortuity, Peace, Possibility, Solution, Contingency, Good

Fortune, Success.

Usage: Acute pulmonary oedema is a medical emergency and requires immediate care.


      1. Sightseeing (verb)- दर्शनीय स्थलों की यात्रा

Definition: The activity of visiting places of interest in a particular location.

Synonyms: Excursion, Sightseeing, Perambulation, Jaunt

Antonyms: Profound, Distrust, Mistrust, Disagree, Back

Usage: Besides sightseeing, hiking is probably the most popular activity in the canyon.


      1. Accommodation (verb)- आवास

Definition: A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay.

Synonyms: Residence, Residency, Home, Habitation, Place, Facility, Convenience, Comfort, Vantage, Privilege

Antonyms: Disagreement, Burden, Millstone, Weight.

Usage: During the construction work, nursery school children and staff will be housed in temporary accommodation opposite the existing building.


      1. Antique(verb)- प्राचीन

Definition: Make (something) resemble an antique by artificial means.

Synonyms: collector’s item, period piece

Antonyms: Young, Current, Fresh, Modern, New, Recent.

Usage: Bronze, pewter and antiqued gold are all in the fashion frame, too, and will come over as breathtakingly

sophisticated at any age.

      1. Humid (Adjective)- आर्द्र

Definition: Marked by a relatively high level of water vapour in the atmosphere.

Synonyms: Moist, Damp, Humid, Wet, Dank, Dewy

Antonyms: Arid, Fresh, Unhackneyed, Verdant, Youthful, Blooming

Usage: We might need to move them later, but at least they are now out of the hot and humid atmosphere of the sun room.


      1. Perceive (Verb) – समझना

Definition: Become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.

Synonyms: Understand, deem, comprehend, perceive, think, know

Antonyms: Disbelieve, Misinterpret, Neglect, Offer, Miss, Overpass, Avoid, Lose, Give

Usage: The intuition perceives patterns and rhythms.


      1. Appreciative (Adjective) – सराहना

Definition: Feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure.

Synonyms: Laudatory, Appreciative, Appreciatory, Fan

Antonyms: Ungrateful, Distasteful, Repulsive, Sickening, Disagreeable, Nauseous, Ungrateful

Usage: I would still recommend living and working abroad as it has made me more appreciative of the things I have got back home.


      1. Unnerve (Verb) तसल्ली लेना

Definition: Make (someone) lose courage or confidence.

Synonyms: Dispirit, Unnerve, Frustrate, Benumb, Debilitate

Antonyms: Encourage Hearten, Stimulate, Embolden, Push, Encourage, Boost, Spur

Usage: The natural assumption is that having a reporter in the room is unnerving her


      1. Paramount (Adjective) – आला दर्जे का

Definition: More important than anything else; supreme.

Synonyms: Most, Important, Prime, Importance, Uppermost, Supreme, Chief, Predominant, Foremost

Antonyms: Subordinate, Minor, Inferior, Secondary

Usage: The interests of the child are of paramount importance


      1. Perilous (Adjective) – जोखिम

Definition: Full of danger or risk.

Synonyms: Dangerous, Fraught with danger, Hazardous, Risky, Unsafe, Treacherous.

Antonyms: Safe, Secure, Keeping, Unbroken.

Usage: He does just that and embarks on the most perilous journey of his life.


      1. Laggard (Noun) – सुस्त

Definition: a person who makes slow progress and falls behind others.

Synonyms: Sluggish, Slack, Lingering, Lethargic, Slow, Laggard

Antonyms: Fast, Accelerate, Speed Up, Accelerate, Increase

Usage: Yes, I mean to date Germany and Japan have been real laggards, far behind countries out their like Thailand, South Africa, Poland.


      1. Vetoing (Verb) – वीटो करना

Definition: Exercise a veto against (a decision or proposal made by a law-making body).

Synonyms: Reject, Turn Down, Throw Out, Dismiss, Prohibit, Forbid, Interdict, Proscribe, Disallow.

Antonyms: Authorize, Approve, Favour, Accept, Permit, Allow.

Usage: Similar legislation was vetoed several times by President Clinton.

      1. Pangs (Noun) – तेज दर्द

Meaning: A sudden sharp pain or painful emotion.

Synonyms: Pain, Sharp Pain, Shooting Pain

Antonyms: Relief, Cure, Healing

Usage: “My stomach muscles yearned for food, scolding me with sharp pangs that jolted my brain.”


      1. Unduly(Adverb) – अनैतिक रूप से

Meaning: To an unwarranted degree; inordinately.

Synonyms: Excessively, Immoderately, Intemperately

Antonyms: Duly, Appropriately

Usage: “There is no need to be unduly alarmed”


      1. Vaulted (Adjective) – मेहराब वाला

Meaning: Leap or spring while supporting or propelling oneself with one or both hands or with the help of a pole.

Synonyms: Arched, Curved, Rounded

Antonyms: Straight, Straightaway

Usage: “Croft raced to his horse, vaulted into the saddle, and was alongside her in an instant.”


      1. Contention (Noun) – असहमति, विवाद

Meaning: Heated Disagreement.

Synonyms: Disagreement, Dispute, Disputation

Antonyms: Agreement, Contract, Covenant, Treaty

Usage: “The basis for this contention among British doctors seems even more tenuous.”


    1. Release of a prisoner from jail on certain terms and conditions – Parole
    1. Pertaining to cattle – Bovine
    1.  A test in which cells from diseased organs are removed and tested – Biopsy
    2. The study of ancient civilization -Archaeology
    3. To struggle helplessly – Flounder
    1. Words uttered impiously about God – Blasphemy
    2. Speed of an object in one direction – Velocity
    3. In a threatening manner – Ghastly
    1. Quibble (to avoid giving a direct answer to a question in order to hide the truth) – Prevaricate
    2. One who finds nothing good in anything – Critic
    1. That which cannot be easily read – Illegible
    1. The process of deciding the nature of the disease by examination – Diagnosis
    2. To feel or express disapproval of something or someone –Deprecate
    3. To keep a great person or event in people’s memory – Commemorate.
    1. A person who dishonestly pretends to be somebody else – Imposter
    1. Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something –Coercion
    2. A violent storm – Tempest
    3. A child born after the death of his father – Posthumous child
    4. Related to the moon –Lunar
    5. Found all over the world –  Universal
    6. To confirm with the help of evidence – Implicate
    7. Full of criticism or mockery – Satire
    8. The absence of law and order – Anarchy
    9. Body of singers – Choir
    10. One who practices one of fine arts –Artist
    11. A general pardon of offenders – Amnesty
    12. A person who gambles or bets – Punter
    13. Group of people living together in the same locality – Neighbourhood
    14. Fit to be eaten – Edible
    15. Unfair advantages for members of one’s own family – Nepotism
    16. To bite like a rat – Gnaw
    17. A place of good climate for invalids – Sanatorium
    18. A woman with dark brown hair – Brunette
    19. An office with a salary but no work – Sinecure
    20. Amount of money demanded by kidnappers – Ransom
    21. Easy to shape in any desired form – Malleable
    22. A large burial ground –  Cemetery
    23. To supply land with water by artificial means – Irrigate
    24. One whose motive is merely to get money – Mercenary
    25. The study of plant life – Botany
    26. Animals that live in water – Aquatic
    27. Instrument that magnifies objects – Microscope
    28. Existing only in the mind –Imaginary
    29. One who eats too much – Glutton
    30. Talking disrespectfully of sacred things –Blasphemy
    31. A handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read – Illegible


    1. (A) Comperative

     (B) Comparative

     (C) Comparetive

     (D) Comperetive


    1. (A) Perserverance

     (B) Perservrence

     (C) Perseverance

     (D) Perseverence

    1. (A) Genious

      (B) Genius

      (C) Genuis

      (D) Ginius


    1. (A) Mathemetics

      (B) Mathmetics

      (C) Mathematics

      (D) Mathmatics

    1. (A) Mosqutoes

     (B) Mosquetoes

     (C) Mosquitoas

     (D) Mosquitoes


    1. (A) Ocurrence

     (B) Occurrance

     (C) Occurrence



    1. (A) Forciebly

     (B) Forecibly

     (C) Forcebly

     (D) Forcibly


    1. (A) Psykology

     (B) Psychology

     (C) Shychology

     (D) Shykology

      1. (A) Eligible

     (B) Elegible

     (C) Eligeble

     (D) Eligibal


      1. (A) Transffered

     (B) Transfferred

     (C) Transfered

     (D) Transferred


      1. (A) Forein

     (B) Foren

     (C) Foreign

     (D) Foriegn


      1. (A) Implement

     (B) Impliment

     (C) Implyment

     (D) Impliement

      1. (A) Parformence

     (B) Performence

     (C) Parformance

     (D) Performance


      1. (A) Unanemous

     (B) Unanimous

     (C) Unanimus

     (D) Unenimous

      1. (A) Disciplin

     (B) Disiplin

     (C) Disciepline

     (D) Discipline


      1. (A) Xenophobe

     (B) Zenophobe

     (C) Xenophoba

     (D) Zenophobe

      1. (A) Knowlez

     (B) Knoledge

     (C) Knowladge

     (D) Knowledge


      1. (A) Particularly

     (B) Perticularly

     (C) Particulurly

     (D) Perticulurly

      1. (A) Somophore

      (B) Sophomore

      (C) Somophour

      (D) Sophomour


      1. (A) Voilence

      (B) Violense

      (C) Violence

      (D) Voilense

      1. (A) Deleimma

     (B) Dilema

     (C) Dilemma

     (D) Dileima


      1. (A) Planing

     (B) Planne

     (C) Planning

     (D) Plainning

      1. (A) Counselor

     (B) Counsellor

     (C) Counsellar

     (D) Counselar


      1. (A) Masquto

     (B) Masquito

     (C) Mosquto

     (D) Mosquito

      1. (A) Parmanent

     (B) Permanent

     (C) Permanant

     (D) Parmanant


      1. (A) Questionair

     (B) Questionnair

     (C) Questionaire

     (D) Questionnaire

      1. (A) Referense

     (B) Refearence

     (C) Refference

     (D) Reference


      1. (A) Technicel

     (B) Technecal

     (C) Teknical

     (D) Technical

      1. (A) Gavernor

     (B) Governar

     (C) Govarnor

     (D) Governor


      1. (A) Hindrance

     (B) Hindrence

     (C) Hindranse

     (D) Hindrense

      1. (A) Esspecially

     (B) Especially

     (C) Especialy

     (D) Especielly


      1. (A) Pronunce

     (B) Pronounse

     (C) Pronnounce

     (D) Pronounce

      1. (A) Synonymus

     (B) Synonimous

     (C) Synonymous

     (D) Synonymos


      1. (A) Vacuume

     (B) Vacumm

     (C) Vaccuum

     (D) Vacuum

      1. (A) Penculiar

      (B) Peculier

      (C) Peculiar

      (D) Pecueliar


      1. (A) Sufficient

      (B) Suficient

      (C) Sufficiant

      (D) Suffiscient

      1. (A) Defference

      (B) Difference

      (C) Diference

      (D) Differense


      1. (A) Procezure

      (B) Prosedure

      (C) Procedure

      (D) Prosezure

      1. (A) Athiest

      (B) Atheist

      (C) Athest

      (D) Athist


      1. (A) Succession

      (B) Sucession

      (C) Succesion

      (D) Succssion

      1. (A) Nachuraly

      (B) Nachurally

      (C) Naturaly

      (D) Naturally


      1. (A) Stetistics

      (B) Statistics

      (C) Statictics

      (D) Stetisctics

      1. (A) Remembrence

     (B) Remembrance

     (C) Remembranse

     (D) Remembrense


      1. (A) Consiousnes

     (B) Consiousness

     (C) Consciousnes

     (D) Consciousness


    1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Meaning: This idiom means that when people are apart, their love grows stronger.


Does it bother you that your husband goes away on long business trips?”

Reply: “No. The time we have spent apart has been good for us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”


    1. Baptism of fire

Meaning: A baptism of fire was a soldier’s first experience of shooting. Any unpleasant experience is undergone, usually where it is also a learning experience is a baptism of fire.

Example: My son’s just had his first visit to the dentist. He stood up to this baptism of fire very well.

    1. Bare your heart

Meaning: To share one’s intimate thoughts or feelings with another person.

Example: If you bare your heart to someone, you tell them your personal and private feelings. (‘Bare your soul’ is an alternative form of the idiom.)


    1. Breathe down your neck:

Meaning: follow closely behind someone.

Example: If someone follows you or examines what you’re doing very closely, they are breathing down your neck.

    1. Avowed intent

Meaning: A solemn public promise or pledge toward some goal or achievement.

Example: If someone makes a solemn or serious promise publicly to attempt to reach a certain goal, this is their avowed intent.


    1. Away with the fairies

Meaning: Giving the impression of being mad, distracted, or in a dream world.

Example: If someone is away with the fairies, they don’t face reality and have unrealistic expectations of life.

  1. Over the counter

Meaning: Without prescription

Example: Medicines and drugs that can be sold without a doctor’s prescription are sold over the counter.


  1. Par for the course

Meaning: If something is par for the course, it is what you expected it would be. If it is above par, it is better, and if it is below par, it is worse.

Example: I missed three questions, but that’s par for the course

  1. Worse for wear

Meaning: If something’s worse for wear, it has been used for a long time and, consequently, isn’t in very good condition. A person who’s worse for wear is drunk or high on drugs and looking rough.

Example: This television set is really worse for the wear; we’ll have to replace it.


  1. You can’t take it with you

Meaning: It means to use up all you have before you die because it’s no use to you afterward.

Example: Enjoy life, enjoy what you have, and don’t worry about not having a lot, especially money. Because once you’re dead, ‘you can’t take it with you.’

    1. Armchair critic

Meaning: An armchair critic is someone who offers advice but never shows that they could actually do any better.

Example: My uncle is such an armchair critic about the classes I’m taking.


    1. As the crow flies

Meaning: This idiom is used to describe the shortest possible distance between two places.

Example: Just go on this route as the crow flies, and you may save about 40 minutes.

    1. Babe in arms

Meaning: A babe in arms is a very young child or a person who is very young to be holding a position.

Example: An infant, as in She’s been a family friend since I was a babe in arms.


    1. Upset someone’s applecart

Meaning: If you upset someone’s applecart, you do something that causes a plan to go wrong.

Example: The increase in customs duty by the government has upset the applecart of those car companies who were importing most of their car parts.

    1. Tighten your belt

Meaning: If you have to tighten your belt, you have to economize.

Example: I’ve had to tighten my belt since I stopped working full-time.


    1. Let someone off the hook

Meaning: To not hold someone responsible for something

Example: We cannot let the government off the hook for what it has done.

    1. Written all over your face

Meaning: If someone has done something wrong or secret, but cannot hide it in

their expression, it is written all over their face.

Example: When I went over to my mother’s to tell her I was engaged, I knew she had already found out because happiness and excitement were already written all over her face.


      1. Put something on ice

Meaning: To postpone or delay acting on or interacting with a person.

Example: I know that the journalist has been persistent in getting a comment from us for his story, but we’ll just have to put him on ice until the trial is over.

    1. Head over heels

Meaning: If you’re head over heels, you’re completely in love.

Example: Max fell head over heels in love with her colleague and wants to marry her.


    1. Be that as it may:

Meaning: – Be that as it may be an expression which means that, while you are prepared to accept

that there is some truth in what the other person has just said, it’s not going to change your opinions in any significant manner.

Example: Building a new children’s home will cost a lot of money but, be that as it may, there is an urgent need for the facility.

    1. Ace up your sleeve:

Meaning: – To have a secret plan, idea, or advantage that can be utilized if and when it is required. A reference to cheating at a card game by hiding a favourable card up one’s sleeve.

Example: – A powerful and often secret weapon, advantage, etc., that can be used if it is needed The mayor’s popularity among elderly voters gives him an ace up his sleeve for the coming election.


    1. Barkis is willing

Meaning: – This idiom means that someone is willing to get married.

Example: – A: “Are you ready for the race today?”

B: “Oh yeah! Barkis is willin’!”

    1. Angry as a bear:

Meaning: – If someone is as angry as a bear, they are very angry. (‘Angry as a bear with a sore foot’ is also used.)

Example: – My father is as angry as a bear. I crashed his new car.


    1. Behind the times:

Meaning: – Someone that is behind the times is old-fashioned and has ideas that are regarded as outdated.

Example: – The robot is a century behind the times.

    1. Without a hitch:

Meaning: – If something happens without a hitch, nothing at all goes wrong.

Example: – I was nervous, but the whole plan went off without a hitch.


      1. Zip your lip:

Meaning: – If someone tells you to zip your lip, they want to shut up or keep quiet about something. (‘Zip it’ is also used.

Example: – I am tired of being nagged all morning. And then the politician asked them all to zip their lips as he wanted to state his point first.

    1. Stir up a hornets’ nest

Meaning: – Make trouble, cause a commotion, as in Asking for an audit of the treasurer’s books stirred up a hornets’ nest in the association.

Example: – It’s not that the management is not aware of few false bills here and there, but they don’t call it because it would expose many and stir up a hornet’s nest.


    1. As cold as ice:

Meaning: – This idiom can be used to describe a person who does not show any emotion.

Example: – She was as cold as ice when I tried to talk to her earlier

      1. World at your feet:

Meaning: If everything is going well and the future looks full of opportunity, you have the world at your feet.

Example: When you’re young you’ve got the world at your feet.


      1. Worth a try:

Meaning: If something is worth a shot, it is worth trying as there is some chance of success.

Example: – I’m not sure if I’ll get the job, but I think it’s worth a try.

      1. Casting vote:

Meaning: – The casting vote is a vote given to a chairman or president that is used when there is a deadlock.

Example: – His power is confined to giving a casting vote for or against a distinct proposal.


      1. Cat’s pajamas:

Meaning: – (USA) something that is the cat’s pajamas is excellent.

Example: – That new car was really the cat’s pyjamas.


      1. All set:

Meaning: – If you’re all set, you are ready for something.

Example: – John put on his helmet and he was all set for the motorcycle race.


      1. Fence sitter:

Meaning: – Someone that tries to support both sides of an argument without committing to either is a fence sitter.

Example: – You can’t sit on the fence any longer, you need to make up your mind.

    1. Alive and kicking:

Meaning: – If something is active and doing well, it is alive and kicking. (It can be used for people too.)

Example: – John’s completely recovered; he’s alive and kicking.


    1. Brass monkey:

Meaning: – If it’s brass monkey weather, or cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, it is extremely cold.

Example: – According to Al Roker next week’s weather is going to be so cold, that it’ll be real brass monkey weather.

    1. Blank cheque:

Meaning: – If you are given a blank cheque, you are allowed to use as much money as you need for a project.

Example: – Several people expressed their concern when the Chairman desired to give the blank cheque for the company’s future in the hands of the 25-year-old director.


    1. Cash in your chips:

Meaning: – If you cash in your chips, you sell something to get what profit you can because you think its value is going to fall. It can also mean ‘to die’.

Example: – I have to be up early tomorrow, so I’m going to cash in my chips.

    1. Beat to the punch:

Meaning: – If you beat someone to the punch, you act before them and gain an advantage.

Example: – I wanted to have the new car, but Sally beat me to the punch.


    1. Busted flush:

Meaning: – Someone or something that had great potential but ended up a useless failure is a busted flush.

Example: – If social democracy fails here, it is pretty much a busted flush.

      1. All roads lead to Rome:

Meaning: – This means that there can be many different ways of doing something.

Example: – So long as you meet the deadline, I don’t care how much help you get-all roads lead to Rome.


      1. All talk and no trousers:

Meaning: – (UK) Someone who is all talk and no trousers, talks about doing big, important things, but doesn’t take any action.

Example: – The lightning-tongued chat-show host really is all talk and no trousers.

      1. Young Turk:

Meaning: – A Young Turk is a young person who is rebellious and difficult to control in a company, team or organization.

Example: – Shivaji Maharaj was a young turk that could not be tamed and he thirsted glory and victory in all his wars.


      1. Zero tolerance:

Meaning: – If the police have a zero-tolerance policy, they will not overlook any crime, no matter how small or trivial.

Example: – There’s a zero-tolerance policy in place regarding smoking: It isn’t allowed on company property at all.

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